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Prenuptial Agreement in Indonesia: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prenuptial Agreement under Indonesian law?

A prenuptial or pre-marital agreement is a written contract made between the soon-to-be-husband and the soon-to-be wife legalized by the marriage registration officer, after which its content shall be applicable to third parties as long as the third parties involved. The Indonesian law does not regulate clearly what can be regulated in the prenuptial or pre-marital agreement. Therefore, the content of the agreement will be up to the proposed couple and their lawyers provided that the content shall not violate the law, religion, and morality.

The prenuptial or pre-marital agreement shall be signed before the marriage (or the wedding) takes place. However, as per 2016, the Indonesian Constitutional Court decides that the postnuptial agreement is also permitted.

I am planning to get married. Do I need a prenuptial agreement?

Yes, every married couple needs to have a prenuptial agreement. This prenuptial agreement shall help the married couple and their children during the marriage and the divorce (if it occurs). The prenuptial agreement can discuss, among others, the rights and obligations between the married couple, the management of assets, the management of income, etc. Through having this prenuptial agreement, the married couple can manage their expectations towards each other, and their relationship, as well as their assets management.

Why do I need a prenuptial agreement?

There are many reasons a couple considering marriage needs a prenuptial agreement, among others:

(a) one party is a foreigner and the other is an Indonesian. Please note that a foreigner cannot own a land in Indonesia therefore a prenuptial agreement is necessary to enable the Indonesian spouse to own the land in Indonesia;

(b) one party (or both parties) may wish to provide some assets or living costs for children from a prior marriage;

(c) one party (or both parties) has a business;

(d) one party (or both parties) has been married and divorced therefore without prenuptial agreement; he/she will be reluctant to marry again;

(e) one party (or both parties) has a lot of assets;

(f) one party (or both parties) has an asset-risk-adverse or high-risk litigious job, such as: lawyer, doctor, consultant; and/or

(g) one party (or both parties) wants to own a land in Indonesia.

Are premarital agreements only for the rich?

Not at all. Prenuptial agreement is necessary for any married couple wishing to regulate, among others, their rights and obligations, the assets management, the income distribution during the marriage and after the marriage ends.

What happens if I don’t have a prenuptial agreement?

If you do not have a prenuptial agreement, you leave it up to the Indonesian law to determine who owns the assets that both of you acquire during the marriage, the distribution of income, the rights and obligations of husband and wife, as well as what happens to the assets when the marriage ends.

What Indonesian law says regarding marital assets?

Under Indonesian law, any assets obtained during the marriage shall become joint assets of husband and wife. Consequently, any action towards the joint assets requires the spousal consent, such as: transfer or encumbrance of assets requires spousal consent. And, if divorce happens, the joint assets shall be divided in half.

What Indonesian law says regarding marital assets of a mixed marriage between an Indonesian and an expatriate?

Because Indonesian law does not permit a foreigner/expatriate own a land in Indonesia, the mixed marriage couple (an Indonesian and a foreigner/expatriate) cannot own a land in Indonesia without having a prenuptial agreement regulating a separation of assets.

Is there any other requirement for the prenuptial agreement to be valid?

Yes, a prenuptial agreement will be valid and applicable to husband, wife, and other party involved if the prenuptial agreement is registered to the relevant local district court’s clerk and the relevant marriage registration office.

I am considering a prenuptial agreement. What should I do next?

The first step is to let your partner know that you would like to have a prenuptial agreement. Then you should gather your financial information (a list of assets and liabilities, amount, and sources of income) and plan what you would like to regulate in the prenuptial agreement. The next step is to meet with a lawyer to assist you during the drafting, negotiation, and registration process of a prenuptial agreement.

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