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NP Consultant Indonesia is a one stop service providing high quality standard of Indonesian law expertise, market entry service, licensing service, corporate secretarial service, and immigration service. With years of experience and knowledge, NP Consultant Indonesia has helped many individuals and corporations to enter Indonesia's market, obtain proper business licenses (from basic licenses to complicated licenses), provide legal and business advice and consultation, due diligence, close various transactions, and provide full range of legal and business service in Indonesia.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Here's why you should trust us:

  • Years of experience working with international and local clients

  • Competitive fee because we do not engage third party agent to process licenses

  • Deep understanding of Indonesian law, government's policy and local culture

  • Assisted various businesses and transactions

  • Excellent relationship with Indonesia governing agencies

  • Full range of services so that you can focus on managing your core business

  • International quality standard of service with measurable time and fee


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